Energy Expertise

Over 45 years of experience in the energy industry focusing on the economics and forecasting the supply, demand and market prices for the coal, electricity, natural gas, oil, steel, coal transportation, emissions and other energy-related sectors.

Consulting and Forecasting Expertise

Coal and Coal Transporation

Market prices
Production costs
Supply curves
Reserves Quality
Primary markets (metallurgical/thermal)
Coal contracting and procurement
Coal mine due diligence
Pro forma development
Coal mine valuation

Electric Power

Database with over 20,000 power plants in the U.S.
Capacity Factor
Heat Rate
Fuel supply and delivered cost
Dispatch cost
Regional supply curves
Wholesale and retail power prices

Other Areas

Natural Gas
Commodities Index Escalation

Expert Testimony

Coal markets
Coal market prices
Coal contract disputes
Breach of coal contracts
Coal lease agreeements


Coal Publications

Long-Term Coal Region Market Outlook
Northern Appalachia Coal Outlook
Central Appalachia Coal Outlook
Illinois Basin Coal Outlook
Powder River Basin Coal Outlook Quarterly Coal Production Report Coal Supply Curves By Region
Coal Transportation
Coal Export Outlook
Met Coal Report
World Seaborne Coal Market

Electricity Publications

U.S. Electricity Market Outlook
PJM Power Market Outlook
MISO Power Market Outlook
ERCOT Power Market Outlook
Renewables Market Outlook
Power Plant Retirement Outlook

Other Reports

Natural Gas Outlook
Emissions Outlook
Commodity Index Escalation Forecasts